Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

We charge $125 / hour for in-shop and on-site work.

If you bring a machine in for repairs, we require a $62.50 (plus tax) deposit for Backup and Diagnostic services.

How does this work?

Call in or stop by any time during business hours (we are open for lunch!) and speak to our reception personnel. From there we will make a plan to solve your issue.

Can you provide a more exact experience to expect?

It is not an exaggeration to say that no two jobs are alike. We find that each person’s computer is as unique as that person. However, our services generally fall into two categories: OnSite and In-Shop.

How does In-Shop service work?

If you are having computer problems such as a virus infection, computer not booting, or email problems, it is best to bring your computer to the shop. Our Reception personnel checks your computer in, creating a work ticket including a description of your problems. We start the backup and diagnostic process immediately. Once that is completed, we give you a call and discuss the steps we will take for your unique situation.

Expect us to keep your computer for up to 5 business days for a typical virus removal. This time may increase if we need to order additional hardware. We only charge for the time we are interacting with your computer. Most of this process is automatic (eg. backup, virus scans, updates, etc)

5 Business days sounds like a long time to be without a computer. Can you do better?

The process we have created over the last few years makes data protection a priority, and the software we run can take a very long time depending on your computer’s speed and how much data you have. Also consider that we usually have a shelf full of computers that are in the rotation, and we use a first come first serve policy.

I need my computer as soon as possible. Can you fix it faster?

We do provide expedited service, at a higher hourly rate. That buys you a jump to the head of the line and a technician dedicated to getting your job done as fast as possible. It’s important to understand, though, that some work simply can’t be hurried, as it relies on the speed of the computer and not the speed of the technician. There is no guaranteed turnaround time for expedited service, only that it will be done as fast as possible. Keep in mind that expedited service can get very expensive, partly because a technician has to “babysit” automatic processes so that any necessary human intervention can happen immediately. That can easily turn a two-hour job into a four-hour job, or more. Expedited service depends on technician availability.

What about OnSite work?

If your needs are for onsite work, we will give a short consultation on what you are hoping to achieve and schedule a time to perform said work. Our billing includes one way travel.

Wow OnSite work sounds like it can get expensive.

Just request an estimate for what you want to accomplish and we can usually build one in a couple of days. Keep in mind that it is an estimate, and the actual costs can be higher or lower. Of course, additional needs discovered while performing the work can affect costs as well.

Can you just tell me how to do it?

Our OnSite work often relies on viewing and reacting to things that cannot be easily described in a timely fashion. However we are happy to schedule In-Shop consultations and training at our hourly rate.

How about remote support?

We do have remote support capabilities, but there are many problems that cannot be solved with remote support (eg bios upgrades, internet connectivity problems, stability issues, etc). Remote support also requires an active internet connection, email capabilities, and the skill to download and run the client remote software.